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Figs On View

Flynn shacks with Ferris.
Gretel shares Tenaya’s cell.
Lyell gets Shelley.

After work on Wednesday, we visited the Figs at the shelter. All seemed happy to see us, but pretty lethargic – not surprising, since they’d been spayed or neutered the day before. All came through it fine, though Tenaya arrived back at the shelter covered in poop, and needed a thorough cleaning. The shelter paired them up per our recommendations, so we won’t have to worry about Flynn or Ferris stealing food from a smaller Fig.

Now we have to hope that lots of eager adopters show up this weekend. That may be wishful thinking, given the prevailing economic anxiety. At least the Figs won’t have to compete with as many younger kittens as they would have two months ago.

And speaking of younger kittens – we got ‘em! I picked up two sets of siblings at the shelter yesterday (and snuck in a quick visit with the lounging Figs while I was waiting for supplies). Like the Figs, these guys got stuck with some lame names that we'll have to change:

Abusing the Alphabetical Guide to Baby Names

Elmo and Ellen,
Laura, Laurie, Lavena?
Try skipping a page!

The three L-named tortie siblings appear to be a week or two older than the tabby sibs. All these kits love to mewl, hiss (at non-siblings), and sing, so they already seem very un-Fig-like. And the torties are serious leapers... they reached the bunkhouse window and counter within hours of their arrival. The alpha tortie is throwing moves off the shower step and walls that look they came straight out of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”.

We’ve heard a few sneezes from the torties, but aside from Elmo (the orange tabby, who looks a little like Gretel), none of these kits have eye or nasal discharge. They do, on the other hand, have sloppy poop that verges on diarrhea. And Elmo’s diarrhea has a yellowish tinge. All five saw the vet yesterday, and the two tabbies are getting Ponazuril for possible coccidia. Been there, seen that.

Kitten names and litter name (the Elves? Ellies? Lees?) to follow soon. Suggestions are always welcome!

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