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Rockets Welcome Rockette


We went down to the shelter Wednesday afternoon to pick up Lois, who we were told needs to gain a little weight and improve her social skills before she’s ready to go on view. She’s at least two weeks older than the Rockets and a little taller and longer, so we figured she’d be able to hold her own with Arnie and Caddo. Plus we know the Rockets are friendly guys.

We were right – Lois can hold her own, and then some. She is not shy. She mewed in the carrier for most of the ride home. When we let her out in the bunkhouse, she mewed until we picked her up. Then she purred loudly right away, until she wanted to be put down and started mewing again. The mewing and purring gave way to hissing and growling when the Rockets got too close.

And that’s the way it’s gone for the last two days. Arnie and Caddo seem unperturbed by the new arrival and are willing to play with Lois or with each other. On the playground, Lois rockets around and investigates the terrain. Sometimes she chases Caddo, and sometimes he chases her. She still hisses, growls, and swats, but it’s starting to look more like play and less like fear or stress.

It reminds me of how Kizzie behaved when we took her brothers back to the shelter and brought the Puffballs to 50K. She hissed and scorned them for a few days, then eventually became best friends (and was adopted along with) Rooney. I’m sure the Rockets and Lois will also be best buddies within the next day or two.

Oh, almost forgot… it’s Haiku Friday!

New Sheriff

Hissin’ and growlin’,
racin’ and Rocket-swattin’,
Lois has arrived.

Maypole Ladder

Arnie dances with
the hanging denim skirt belt.
His dew-claw is stuck.

After Sit-ups

I lie on the rug
and a warm paw taps my neck.
Caddo climbs onboard.

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