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Taking a Spin with the Ragtops


It didn’t take long for a new litter to find its way to us. The Ragtops came with ‘R’ names, but their litter name wasn’t too difficult to decide because they were pretty scraggly and raggedy when we got them from a local rescue organization. However, they’re healthy so far, and with baths, which they didn’t mind, they cleaned up pretty nicely!

Although they had reportedly been eating wet food, only Ryder was interested in eating some out of a spoon during their first meal at our house, so we resorted to the bottle, which they took to very enthusiastically. They’re big enough that we don’t have to do the 2 a.m. feeds (yay!) and we should be able to start getting them back to wet food soon. They may just need a little time to transition to the new location.

They also already understand the litterbox concept, although execution isn’t always quite on target.

The Ragtops are super social and love climbing all over our legs. Ryder, who’s orange and white, is the big-time squawker in this group and you can already tell that they have “jail break” going through their little heads as they eye the door. Raleigh, a buff dude, is the smallest but the most loving. He’s a big-time purrer who loves to nuzzle.

Regis appears to have a big orange personality – a little more independent. He also has some scaly skin on his belly and chest that we’re treating with ointment. Risa is the only girl and quite the looker. Our contact called her a ‘tabico’ which I hadn’t heard but is descriptive. She’s got calico splotches, but is still stripey-tabby. She also has a very cute black nose.

We also went to see Harley last week, who is still on view at the shelter. She looks fantastic – sleek and lithe – and she’s really come out of her shell, although she’ll never be Miss Congeniality. She’s been bunking with another black and white guy, and they clearly love to wrestle and groom each other. It would be fantastic if someone adopted them together. She’s got a lot of kitten competition right now, so as a teenager, she’s not going to be as popular, but someone will fall in love at some point.

Although it’s only been a week without kittens – it’s been a stressful one. We’re excited to have the Ragtops in the bunkhouse!

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