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Curling and Hurling


We’ve had a nice holiday weekend here at 50K. Thanks to a lot of rain and above-freezing temperatures, the remains of last weekend’s blizzard are almost gone, although we did have a white Christmas. Now, it’s just mud.

Margo’s figure reminds me of a holiday turkey with fur! We’ve cut her food intake by about a quarter and she’s nibbled at Fancy Feast wet food, which is a very good sign. She’s still also nibbling the high-protein dry food. Taking a lesson from the kittens, we also started adding some pumpkin to her tube meals, and that plus the decrease in food intake have resulted in normal poop for the first time since we’ve had her. Up to now, she’s suffered from diarrhea (always in the box). The vet wasn’t concerned about it, but we’re happy to see improvement, and I’m sure she must feel better, too.

You know how some cats get overstimulated when you pet them a little too long? That is NOT Margo. She would really love for you to pet her nonstop – especially her belly. We tried to get her moving with the laser pointer, and although she tried to catch the beam with her paws, she wasn’t interested enough to actually get up and follow it. I was thinking that maybe there was a spunky Margo underneath all that flub, but she may just be a curled-up couch potato at heart.

We picked the Ragtops up on the night of the 23rd – the boys were neutered the day before and Risa was spayed that morning. They all seemed fine that night, but there was a fair amount of vomit around the villa the next morning.

We figured it might be Risa having a little reaction to the anesthesia, but when we did the weigh-in, we realized it must be Ryder because of his significant weight loss. However, he seemed active enough and his temperature was normal. Was it a reaction to the rabies vaccine he received? The vomit episodes petered out, and yesterday, Ryder gained something like 4 ounces. Whew!

Well, today, we found a little more vomit in the villa. This time the culprit appears to be Raleigh based on his weight loss. Without weighing them, we would have no idea who has an issue, because everyone seems chipper.

We’re now assuming that maybe Ryder picked up a little virus at the vet’s when he got neutered and has now passed it to Raleigh.

Because whatever it is seems to go quick and be minor means we aren’t too worried. We’ll keep a close eye out and hope that Risa dodges it.

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