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Haiku Flyday


We received a few pix from Joey's new family, so the 50K sushi chef got out the nori and reached for his knife.

Joey, nee George

Our gray goofball has
stairs to race down, beds to climb,
and Moey to chase.

Sashimi Combo Boat!

Back at 50K, the zombie karma from last week's spay-neuter (and Jackie-O's hernia repair earlier this week) has receded into the mists, and we're gearing up for this weekend's three-way launch.

Clinton and Jackie-O have been staging a purrbacious wrestle-a-thon and love-fest for the last three days in our workout room, punctuated by hour-long crate sessions in Margo-country during Martha's 6:30am workouts.

Doing Time in the Big Carrier

Clinton and Jackie
squawk and wrestle while I stretch.
Then the purring starts.

Assuming we can coordinate with their adopter, they should be going home… today!

Clinton is a kitten who lights up the room, and he's totally smitten with Jackie-O. She should really thrive with him for a brother.

Weirdly, both of them are lousy singers who squawk instead of meow. Maybe their new mom can get them voice lessons.

Tomorrow morning we'll put TJ in a carrier and sail over to her new home in Hyattsville, MD, where her new mom Shannon and sister-cat Star have been waiting patiently for her arrival. We hope they're both ready for Furricane TJ!

Red-Dot Remote Control

TJ watches while
I steer Lincoln through the door.
She's too smart for that.

And (aside from Margo, who signed up for the year-long cruise with all-you-can-eat buffet), that will leave just Minnie and Lincoln in the villa. With the Minnie-bar closed for good, Lincoln has finally kicked his nursing-habit and gotten serious about eating real food. He's dressed for prom night and ready to graduate.

Minnie is still acting aloof as she tries to get her groove back. Maybe getting spayed so soon after nursing has given her a hormonal hangover. We hope that breaking out of the villa into a more spacious and interesting new home with Lincoln will restore the affectionate personality she displayed from day one at 50K until last week.

We've briefed her adopter about her situation, and we'll be ready to trade her for another young Homeward Trails cat if things don't work out.

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