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We’ve had some promising leads on adopters that, disappointingly, have not panned out this week. To try and get some better photos of the Divers, another HT volunteer, who happens to be a professional photographer, came over and snapped some pics.

It was hard to get a good one of them together, but among all the shots she took, we think there are some real winners. As you can see, Gigi’s eyes look almost normal! We’ll add these to their PetFinder link and use them when we post ads on Craigslist.

We are so attached to Oggi and Gigi – they are such sweet face nuzzlers, who are also full of fun and energy. Plus, we feel like they went through so much and have come so far. We really hope their perfect peeps come along soon.

There are still a lot of kittens out there – so a lot to choose from, but we also wonder if people are put off by the Divers’ eyes not being quite perfect. We really don’t know, because these two are such fantastic-looking kittens otherwise.

Meanwhile, in exchange for taking the photos, we made a trade for our newest villa resident – Piper! Piper was one of three kittens born at the volunteer’s house and her two brothers have already been adopted. Her foster mom felt that she was missing the company of other kittens, and we thought she’d fit in with Sonny, especially.

She’s a roly-poly gal with MAJOR tortie-tude! She walked into the villa and immediately tried to take over the place, even though she barely weighs 2 lbs. It was very funny. She walked around to all the residents and hissed at them, then swatted them for good measure. They all looked at her like, what is her issue?! Finally, Gigi and Sonny decided she deserved to be hissed back at, so there was a lot of hissin’ goin’ on the first day. Oggi just looked at her quizzically, although she seemed especially smitten with him.

Today, she’s much less hissy, although still not pals with the other kits yet. She clearly wants to play with them, but her innate desire to swat them wins out. She has short little legs and a stumpy tail, and she kind of waddles (although she’s not fat by any means). She reminds me of what Marge might have looked like as a kitten! Although she likes to jump onto our laps and legs from the crates, she squawks up a storm when we pick her up... She’s not shy at all, but I think she doesn’t want to be taken away from the action. We predict that she’ll be one of the gang within the next couple of days.

And speaking of peep-loving face nuzzlers, we got to visit with ex-Campers, Scottie and Savannah, when we gave them their booster vaccine at their new home. The hilarious thing was that as soon as we walked in the door, they ran up to us to greet us and then started hissing like crazy! We picked them up and they were fine being held, but they kept up the hissing. Their dad was pretty surprised because they’ve met lots of new people and have liked everyone. We wondered if it was because we smelled like foreign kittens, or maybe our dogs.

Our feelings weren’t hurt, of course, and we were happy to see how great these two look. Both have really beautiful coloring – Scottie looks almost peachy, and Savannah has very creamy markings on her soft gray fur. They are gorgeous. Their peeps told us that they follow them around all the time and act more like dogs than cats. They are really crazy about Scottie and Savannah.

Fingers crossed that the Divers find their forever home, soon.

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