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The Growin' Samoan and Tuxedo Tornado


When we got the update on Risa last week, we remarked about how much more we hear about our alumni than we used to when we fostered for our local animal shelter.

Side note for long-time readers: after facing mounting criticism from animal-welfare activists in our community, our shelter's Executive Director resigned last spring. She was replaced in September with a very experienced and accomplished ED recruited from a Colorado shelter. The turnaround began immediately, and the shelter's animal-outcomes results have already improved dramatically. Cultures don't change overnight, but we expect the Arlington shelter (there – I said it) will soon set the standard in the DC area for its treatment of homeless animals.

Back to our regularly-scheduled programming… We've had a few reports recently on Camper kittens Chief and Scout (now Eddie and Cooley), and we've twice visited their siblings Scottie and Savannah to administer vaccines. But we hadn't heard for a while how Samoa, the first Camper to go home, was doing. Until yesterday!

Mosby is doing great, although he is starting to earn the title of troublemaker around the apartment. He tries to climb into anything and everything. Just the other day, I found my hanging clothing organizer ransacked by the little monster and all my neatly folded clothes were tossed on the floor as he made a comfortable little nesting place on the top-most compartment.

Duffy (the kitten he joined) also is coming more and more out of her shell thanks to his presence in the apartment. While she's still skittish, we definitely see her roaming around more instead of her usual spot under the couch.

What's that sound from the kitchen?

A Hattori knife hitting the cutting board?

Old Go-Go's tunes cranking on the boom-box?

The 50K sushi chef is in the house!

Flame-Point Explorer

Mosby rules this camp.
We remember him as our
coconut cookie.

Homecoming day for the Divers tomorrow. Then we'll clean the villa, because their successors (four teenage tuxedo babes from West Virginia) storm into 50K tomorrow night!

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