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Yesterday was a busy day of coming and going at 50K.

Cowboy and Wheels went out the door in the morning with their new people, who also have a 5-year-old patchy tabby. We are figuring that the 5-year-old can join into whatever party that Wheels and Cowboy create and that they won’t bug her because they have each other.

From there, we went to an adoption event with the rest of the Peloton. Ted had been in touch with a mom and her two sons, ages 6 and 7, about the Peloton, and they met us right as things got underway at the event. The boys knew all the Peloton members from studying 50K, and they already had ideas about which kittens they wanted to choose.

But the boys followed mom’s advice and kept open minds as they met the kittens in person. At the end of the visit, we put “holds” on Skoda and Bobke for them. The little boys were so cute and excited and wanted to make sure they held the kittens correctly. One turned to me and said about Bobke, “do you think he’ll like to come and sit with me?” I assured him that I thought that would happen. Awwww!

So, that leaves Smoky Joe and Paris. When we let all four Pelotonians out into the back room last night, Smoky Joe and Paris spent time stalking and playing with each other. We’re sure that they won’t have any trouble finding a home together. We hope it happens before we leave on vacation, but we’re not sure.

Meanwhile, after the event yesterday, we went and met a volunteer who had picked up four bottle babies and seven really cute puppies that had come from a rural West Virginia shelter (the origin of the Flying Nuns).

The kittens are about 3.5 weeks old and are not weaned yet. They are fat and fluffy and healthy – two black and white, one gray and white, and one solid black.

We got up at 2am to feed them last night, but we feel like we can probably try and start weaning them soon. They are a few ounces bigger and much more mobile than the Peloton was when we got them.

They’ll go to someone else in the HT network when we go on vacation ten days from now.

Things are status quo with the staff animals. We are waiting to hear back on additional blood tests for Mia, but she acts completely normal, so must feel fine at this point, which is a relief. She’s always been kind of a picky eater, but everyone has been on the duck regime along with Reggie. However, we’re loosening the dietary restrictions and letting her have as much Cap’n Tuna as she can eat – then Reg eats the leftovers.

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