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I was checking the Homeward Trails website last night and noticed that TT and Dizzy were paired up, and that Orion was listed separately. We’d heard that he’d been nipping his foster mom’s hands to get her attention, which may be because he’s at a home with several other older kittens and isn't automatically on center stage. So he may need a little more socialization before he’s ready for a forever home.

I didn’t see any reference to Miles on the HT site, and seeing one of our graduates go unlisted always triggers a combination of hope and anxiety. Since Dizzy was now with TT, and I had an e-mail address for TT’s foster mom, I sent her e-mail and got the following response overnight.

Miles was adopted! He and one of my fosters Hay went home with a really nice family, the dad is a vet.

Awesome. Three Hepcats down, three still looking for a permanent gig.

Things are a little less awesome with the extended family of Sluggers. The foster mom who took the other three siblings e-mailed us to say that the male tabby had died. She said he “was absolutely fine – eating, pooping, active at 1:30. At 4:30 he was dead. He had been gaining weight beautifully.”

That leaves her with the surviving tortie kitten, who she named Willow. The survival odds for tiny kittens drop significantly when they’re singletons, so we agreed to take Willow and reunite her with her siblings here.

That’s assuming she still has three siblings here. The demise of the tabby boy Oak, who along with Willow was one of the two biggest kittens in the litter when all six were together, is depressing and sobering. It means we might walk into the nursery and find Albert or Cruz gone, both of whom are rounding the bases in stride right now.

Of course, we’re not really focused on them at the moment, because we’re principally worried about Molina. When we pick her up, her torso feels light and floppy, in dramatic contrast to the dense, flexing muscles we feel on Albert and Cruz. When Cruz arrived at 50K, she was easily the smallest of our three, but now she’s a lap or two ahead of Molina.

Maybe it’s worms. I just fed the Sluggers and noticed what looked like a white nodule coming out of Molina's butt. I stimmed her and found a smear of beige paste and blood behind it. So everybody got a dose of Strongid. Maybe now that Clavamox, Metronidazole, and Azithromycin have gotten her this far, Strongid will put Molina over the top. Let’s hope so, because we’re running out of bullets to shoot at whatever is ailing her.

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