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Hiccups and Call-Ups


On Sunday we said the Sluggers were rolling into the holidays, but before the pixels were dry on our blog entry, we noticed Molina wasn’t feeling well. When we brought the gang out into the back room for the first time on Sunday night, she hunkered down on the couch with us while her siblings explored and raced around. So our Spidey-senses began tingling.

We took her temperature: 103.2 – borderline high. We gave her a dose of Clavamox and put her back in the villa. She wasn’t eating on her own, so before going to bed we gave her a few sips of slurry from a bottle and 2cc of Nutrical.

Monday morning she’d lost 2.5 ounces, still seemed lethargic, and wouldn’t take a bottle, so we fed her slurry by syringe. Rinse and repeat every three hours.

By evening she’d regained an ounce and was eating canned food out of the dish again. And she’s been eating and regaining weight since, though her energy level still seems low, and we have found a little vomit in the villa. Hopefully this was just another of Molina’s growth hiccups. We’ll keep her on Clavamox until she’s back up to full speed.

Albert, Cruz, and Willow are fat and happy piglets who haven’t missed a beat. They’ve all broken through the 2-pound threshold, which means graduation day is within sight for these guys. They still need two more vaccinations (though one of those could be post-adoption) and a little margin for error on the weight front before we’ll be ready to send them home.

Last night we got an unexpected call from the HT cat coordinator, who told us a couple of healthy 8-week-old kittens had been dropped off at the animal shelter in Prince George’s County. We said we could foster them for a few nights, assess their status, and give our opinion on where they should go next.

So around 8pm, an HT volunteer delivered these two furballs to us.

We stashed them in the 50K nursery, and it took us about ten seconds to realize that someone had invested a lot of TLC in these guys. They look totally healthy (and tested negative for FeLV, FIV, and heartworm at the shelter), aren’t shy at all, and purr when picked up. When we offered them food, they ate, and when we offered them toys, they played. They nailed the litterbox and their poop looks great.

Size-wise, the orange male is as big as Albert, and the patchy-tabby female is bigger than Molina but smaller than Willow and Cruz.

They probably won’t be here long, so it seems weird to call them Sluggers. For now I’m calling them the Boomers. Individual name proposals for these new all-stars are welcome.

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