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Grads and Groundhog


Friday was the big day for Cruz and Molina.

Their dad came to pick them up around noon. Molina decided the whole transaction was scary, so she hid under the futon! Ted had to dig her out and wrestle her into the carrier.

We warned their new parents that they may spend a couple of days in hiding, and as it’s turned out, that’s been pretty true. I guess they’ve been under the couch quite a bit.

But, they have come out to chase the laser pointer, race around, wrestle each other, and eat. Cruz also came out to hang out with her dad to watch the animated movie Rio on tv!

I’m sure within a couple of days, they’ll be totally at home and not feel the need to hide under the couch at all.

It sure was quiet on Friday night when they would normally be running around and wrestling! As you can see, we felt so happy about Cruz and Molina’s new home that we celebrated with some bubbly. Cheers!

On Saturday, we picked up Lovey and Chessie at the HT office to take them to the adoption event with Poppy. We got everybody settled in and went to have lunch. By the time we got back, Chessie and Lovey both had applications pending!

Unfortunately, nothing that exciting happened for Poppy, but she was very easy-going at the event and was happy to have lots of people petting her and scratching her head. She went off to her new foster home, where there are other friendly cats that she can hang out with. I’m sure she’ll find a home soon – she’s got so many things going for her.

The staff cats were glad to have the bedroom back. I woke up this morning sandwiched between Mia and Reg – they just wanted to remind me that they had been deprived of their rightful places!

We thought we would have a few days off to clean up and rest, but as it turns out, we were asked to take in a little tabby guy named Groundhog who is sick with a stomach bug (vomiting and diarrhea). He needed fluids and hand-feeding, so we brought along his pal LB, an older brown tabby, to keep him company.

The boys are settled into the villa, and so far we haven’t had any vomiting or diarrhea from Groundhog, so maybe he’s already on the upswing. We gave him subcutaneous fluids and some Nutrical. He lapped up tuna water on his own, which is a good sign. He has a home waiting, so as soon as he is healthy, he’s off.

We’re supposed to take in four teenaged sisters on Wednesday, who were scheduled to be euthanized at a rural Virginia shelter. Three of them are white and one gray. One of the white girls has two different-colored eyes and is deaf. If Groundhog recovers quickly, we’ll send him home and put the four sisters in the villa. If he still isn’t feeling well, there’s enough space for the sisters at the HT office.

By the way, Molina’s new name is Callie, and Cruz will stay Cruz. Callie and Cruz go together well! Their dad promised to send photos soon. Meanwhile, we got a great update from Albert (now Finley) and Willow’s mom with some ridiculously sweet photos, so that will be something to look forward to in our next entry.

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