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Spies Bust Out


We said goodbye to our three remaining Spies today! We took them to another Homeward Trails foster who will take them in to be spayed and neutered this week. We hope they all find homes by the time we get back from California.

April Dancer is going home as soon as she’s recovered from her spay! A young couple came to meet her at the adoption event yesterday. They had planned to take April and Ilya, but as it turns out, they met a year-old black cat named Vicky who they fell in love with, so it will be April and Vicky. We’re thrilled with that because you have to root for an adult black cat to be adopted. Plus, we like the idea of Ilya and Galore staying together as a pair.

Another couple was doing reconnaissance for a relative who was out of town but also interested in the Spies, so the best scenario would be seeing Ilya and Galore going together to a new home. Fingers crossed.

The Spies enjoyed hanging out with us watching the Tour de France and also chasing various lids and bottle tops around. They are such a great combination of lovey-dovey and crazy playful – we’ll miss having them around, but it’s definitely time for them to move on to their forever homes.

We got a great update and photos from everybody’s favorite 2011 kitten, Callie (nee Molina) and her sister Cruz. To think of the angst that we had over Callie and how terrifically things worked out! Look how big she is now. And her dad reports that she’s not had any signs of her megaesophagus lately, so it appears as if she’s outgrown the issue.

They are both absolutely adorable, and have turned out to be as amazing as we could have ever imagined... Cruz will have one or two "I need attention" moments per day. Wherever we are sitting, she'll jump onto one of our laps, curl into our arms and purr incredibly loudly. If you don't pet her, she'll stand up, turn around and sit down again, continuing until you give in and give her the attention she requires...

After seeing how much love Cruz likes to get, Callie's been running around chirping, demanding to be petted constantly.

As for the wet picture of Cruz, I guess both girls were in the habit of sitting on the tub side to watch the shower drip off the curtain liner. One day when the girls’ mom was relaxing in a real bath, Cruz was fascinated enough to actually jump into the tub! Needless to say, she was scrambling to get out (scratching her mom in the process – ow). This was her recovery shot! Whadya wanna bet she learned her lesson about baths?

Maybe it’s in their genes because Willow’s mom reports that she, too, is fascinated by water.

Report from Hives Central: my itching actually got worse again starting Thursday afternoon through yesterday, which was depressing. The spray menthol continued to take the edge off, although I had to be careful not to overdo it because it’s intense. Today feels better, although I still look pretty terrible. After reading about dermatological drug reactions, I realize how lucky I was not to end up in the hospital. This has been an awful experience, but at least not life-threatening!

This will probably be our last post before we turn 50K over to our staff cats and housesitters and leave on vacation. Have a good couple of weeks everybody!

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