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Our outdoor thermometer read 13 this morning at breakfast, but we’ve had a comfy feline vibe in the villa now that it’s just Cricket, Kachina, and mom-cat Angel.

It wasn’t exactly a feeding frenzy when we had nine hungry kitties, but I think there was a little instinctive food-competition stress. That’s what made Ollie binge for a few days, and Angel eat as if she had to nurse an army. Now we’re seeing normal grazing behavior again.

And our most recent graduates are enjoying their new homes. I spoke with Clover’s new mom on the phone, and Clover (now Jinx) and Bunnyfoot (now Mitzi) are racing around their new home and keeping their parents entertained. From the young mom who adopted Shamrock (now Lucky) and Penny, we hear:

Penny definitely likes me to notice her. She'll go off on her own playing for a while, but if a bit of time passes without her seeing me (usually because I'm on the couch and she's under the bed somewhere) she'll start her soft meows. As soon as I call back "where's my Penny girl?" and poke my head over the back of the couch so she can see my face, she dashes to the couch and up onto the back of it. So cute!

Lucky is turning out to be a real snuggler. Penny likes to nap on the back of the couch where she can see everything but Lucky just loves to get close. I got a cute video of him this evening as he was rolling around on my stomach: .

Awww. And from the couple who adopted Jayden and Ollie:

Jayden was the brave one at first, but then little Ollie started following around his big brother as they explored their room and toys. Ollie was even playing with the balls that we got for them. Over the next two days we let them explore more of the house, and both were running around enjoying our long hallways. Ollie is still more tentative, but we feel like every day he is getting more comfortable. Also, he eats! He’s enjoying not fighting for his food…

All in all the first few days have been great, we love having them and are very happy we picked them! We’ll keep you updated as the week goes on (we’re like proud parents who like to brag about their kids). Oh, and we’re still working on names. Harder than we thought!

Meanwhile, back at 50K, Cricket and Kachina are stretching their legs in the spacious villa by sprinting, climbing, leaping, hassling Angel’s tail, and playing stringball.

Both surged forward on the weight front the last few days and are backing and filling today.

No word yet on new applications for Angel or our two remaining Luckies, but all three are in great shape and becoming more people-oriented, so we’re hoping it won’t be long.

If no potential adopters emerge this week, we’ll be escorting them to an adoption event or two over the coming weekends.

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