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Sea Questers Kick In


Anyone who follows our Twitter feed knows that we picked up a mom-cat with three kittens on Thursday. We had to come up with names quickly to get them into the database (which is now time-sensitive for some unknown reason).

Ted came up with the brilliant name of the Sea Questers in keeping with our current-events naming theme. From Chanter, we learned that there was actually a Sea Quest TV show, but we decided to go old school with real sea explorers.

Thanks to Sarah for the Ernest Shackleton idea. Our tuxedo boy is now Ernest. His face looks remarkably like TJ’s to me, although he’s not fluffy like she was.

I loved the book Kon-Tiki (Ted’s family had a golden retriever with that name when he was a kid). We went with Thor after Thor Heyerdahl who died only a few years ago. He’s our grey-tabby-with-white guy (although the grey is very dark – almost black). He reminds me of Cowboy.

Finally, we have Balboa, after Vasco Balboa, who was the first European to reach the Pacific.

I liked the name “Pinta” for mom, but Ted thought it sounded too bean-like, so we ended up with Queen Isabella. Quite a fitting name, actually, because this mom is not a teenager like so many of our moms have been. She’s probably at least one or two and very calm and stately.

Continuing our run on patchy tabby moms, Queen I is really beautiful – her tabbiness is ticked with stripes, so she looks almost frosted. She’s got a terrific beefy furry tail with a creamy tip. She’s very friendly and likes to sit in our lap. She doesn’t mind us picking up her Questers at all.

They feel so healthy compared to Nola’s poor kittens, even though they’re only tenths of ounces bigger. They just feel robust. Their eyes are open, but just barely, so we’re guessing they’re probably a couple of weeks old. Their ears haven’t popped up yet.

Nola sailed through her spay without any problems. She’s happily back in our bedroom. Last night, I accidentally left the door ajar. I turned around and she and Reg were sitting near each other without any hissing. So, I let them be for a few minutes. However, Nola wandered down the stairs to sniff around, and when she tried to come back up, Reg was guarding the top and not letting her by. Ted had to rescue her.

Reggie, who recently celebrated his 9th anniversary with us (making him around 11 years), just wants to be boss, even over a cute young thing like Nola. In time, he’d probably accept her, but we’re hoping she gets adopted before we find out!

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