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Some busy comings and goings here at 50K in the past few days...

We took a few pictures on Saturday morning knowing that the Oscars would soon be headed to their next performances.

There was an opening for a spay on Sunday, so we decided it would be good for Sandra to step up and get fixed. We arranged a drop-off to deliver Sandra and Dallas to their adoption coordinator Melissa’s house, so she could take care of Sandra’s transport and recovery. Surprisingly, we heard that Sandra was being a bit of a nervous Nellie at her new digs, while Dallas immediately settled in and turned on his purr motor. It used to be the other way around!

Pretty soon, Dallas was playing happily with the resident adult cats at the house.

We figured Sandra would relax in time since she’s by nature very outgoing. Melissa will hang on to them until they find their new homes, which will no doubt be very soon.

They are some of the most charming and outgoing kittens we’ve ever had, so as soon as someone meets them, they’ll be on their way home.

Because Lupita and Hustle were headed home around noon on Sunday, we were approached about taking a new group to fill up our soon-to-be empty kitten room. More on them next time!

Their new human siblings played with Hustle and Lupita while their mom was filling out paperwork and getting instructions. Sister Sadie figured out how to hold Lupita right off the bat, and soon, Lupita was tucked into her arms, purring. Brother Jasper was a little less confident, but I’m sure he’ll figure it out soon enough. He was pushing the ball around for Hustle who was attentively chasing it.

Apparently, Lupita is keeping her stylish name, and Hustle may end up staying Hustle, or he might become ChickenDoodle… or possibly BrainFigure. His new mom was trying to steer the discussion away from BrainFigure as being a bit of a tongue twister, though we all thought ChickenDoodle was catchy. If you haven’t figure it out yet, Jasper had been tasked with naming Hustle.

Within a few hours, we got a picture of Hustle and Lupita tucked into their new cat tree, looking quite happy.

So we say goodbye to the fun and outgoing Oscars, and hello to our three new Drifters, and their surrogate mom... Details soon!

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