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Slots and Spots


Sunday morning we were on standby for three spay slots at the mobile clinic. Priority goes to feral cats that have been trapped overnight, and the organizer nevers knows how many cats that will be. While at the dog park, we got the message that the trappers had had a good night, so no cats or kittens on the standby list would get slots.

Oh well. Fortunately, we landed a third slot for this Weds at the Washington Humane Society clinic, so our three remaining Angels will all get spayed this week. Then assuming no complications, Farrah and Ursula will fly home together on Friday.

They are beyond ready. Ursula has now become an accomplished jailbreaker, so entering the villa usually means hopping right back over the baby gate to retrieve her.

For any of you who were wondering, we actually have replaced our broken scale. We’re just skipping the weigh-ins because all three Angels are comfortably over five pounds now. If anything, they’re a little on the pudgy side, so I’m scaling back the dry food.

They’ll probably drop several ounces during their spay recovery as well, but that would still leave them with plenty of meat on their heavenly frames.

We haven’t heard anything from our coordinator about finding a kitten peer for Hope, so after her siblings go home, I may move her upstairs to see how she gets along with our staff cats.

The last females we tried that with (Nola, Polly) had an icy relationship with Reggie, Yogi, and Mia, but Hope’s still a kitten, and that makes me optimistic.

Martha will miss the experiment, since she’s off to Africa (for the third time this year) on Friday. “Uganda Win ‘Em All.” That was the title of a hilarious article about a (fictitious) pro golf tournament held in Uganda by dictator Idi Amin. It was in a Harvard Lampoon parody of Sports Illustrated published in the 1970s (when SI was a big deal). I still laugh thinking about it.

For anyone curious about Martha’s most recent trip to Africa (and my first), you can check out my writeup in the Washington Post. It ran in yesterday’s travel section. They should have given Martha credit for the photo. Oh well, Uganda win ‘em all.

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