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We decided last week not to bother taking Morgana and Merlin to an adoption event over the weekend, because we had stuff to do on Saturday and the event traffic has been weak. And our kittens seem to find homes just as easily when we skip the events.

And sure enough, things heated up as last week progressed. We weren’t sure when Nimue’s adopters were returning from vacation, so we scheduled her for spay on Friday. On Thursday the dad checked in and said they were home and wanted to pick up “Stampy Cat” (Nimue’s new name) on Saturday.

We convinced them to wait another day so we could monitor her recovery from surgery. They agreed, and Nimue was back to full speed by Saturday night. She was in great shape Sunday morning when her new dad and his 7-year-old daughter arrived to take her home. When I reached for the camera to get a sendoff shot, its battery was dead. We hope they’ll send us a pic or two of Stampy at home.

On Sunday afternoon, an HT adoption coordinator put us in touch with a young couple who wanted to meet Morgana. The coordinator said they were fully approved to adopt. By e-mail the woman said they’d like to come by after the Redskins game ended.

Which they did, prompting Morgana to join Gabby under the futon while the couple engaged Merlin in a long play session. Morgana occasionally popped her head or paws out, but basically played hard to get… until we broke out the laser pointer, a toy she’d never seen.

She raced out onto the floor and never looked back. It turns out Morgana loves to chase the laser dot. She showed her true colors (literally) and sealed the deal. Since the couple had brought a carrier, we went through the adoption paperwork and sent Morgana home with them.

So within an hour or so of meeting her potential adopters, Morgana was exploring her forever home. The couple also has a four-year-old female long-haired orange tabby who we hope will embrace Morgana as a playmate and buddy.

We felt a little sad for Merlin when we left him sibling-less in the villa, with just his mom Gabby for company.

But this morning he was playing by himself after breakfast, and his HT coordinator says she’ll try to pair him with another solo kitten this week.

And now Gabby is scheduled for spay on Friday. We hope that will be her first step toward a more spacious home with her own forever family.

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