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As the Worm Turns


Since the Figs are older than the other kittens we’ve fostered this year, it’s already possible to read their different personalities.

Lyell is a full-on hard-purring, peep-nuzzling, nose-biter. Almost as in-your-face as Chrissy, but without her obnoxious traits.

Ferris is just an all-around good guy… not a con-man like Ziggy as I suspected he might be. He and Gretel are almost as social as Lyell. And Tenaya is also a purring peep-cat, though she maintains her wild-thing aspect by being the first to charge through opened doors.

I said yesterday that the Figs won’t present much of a challenge, and – compared to the Nanos, Mom Julia, and even our earlier ’08 litters – that’s certainly true. The Figs are basically happy little furrballs who romp around and eat whatever they’re fed. That said, we do see two minor issues that need addressing.

First is Shelley, who usually stays under the bed while the other five Figs come out to greet us when we enter the playground. She doesn’t cower or run when I reach under to snag her, and she doesn’t panic when picked up, but she doesn’t seem particularly friendly either. She reminds us a little of Peaches, when Peachy felt awful and crouched under the bed as her siblings played. Maybe that’s all it is with Shelley. All the Figs have crusty noses, and maybe she feels fatigued due to some low-level URI. Or maybe she’s still adapting to life at 50K. The important thing is that she seems to be eating well.

The second issue is the suspiciously round bellies that several of the Figs have. Especially Flynn, whose abdomen seems immense – like he swallowed a tennis ball. His medical history says that he saw the visiting vet at the shelter, and the vet recommended de-worming. The history doesn’t say whether he got it or not. We started him on Panacur today, and will do the same for the other Figs.

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