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Stepping Out


It has been a frigid, windy first weekend of the year here at 50K. Even staff dog, Khola, who loves cold weather, hasn’t wanted to stay out in the howling wind. The chilly indoor temps even resulted in staff cats Mia and Yogi curling up together in one bed, which doesn’t happen very often.

Margo continues to do fine. Some days she’s a little more active than others. Yesterday, she actually wanted to leave the bunkhouse, which is kind of rare...she’s been pretty happy to stay in the place where she feels safe. When we give her the run of the playground, she tends to head under the bed, but comes out immediately when she realizes that you’re ready to pet her. I threw a fuzzy mouse for her and she made a motion like she might want to run after it, but then thought better of it!

We also brought her up on the bed (she’s still too rotund to get up there herself, though she can get down by herself). The three of us had a nice little nap together and Margo enjoyed snuggling up in a patch of sun. We’re not sure how much longer she’ll need the feeding tube... I assume until her liver is functioning in the normal range. As of 12/21, her blood work had improved a lot, but was still not normal. She will make a fine companion for someone who wants a friendly, attention-loving couch potato.

Everything is warm and toasty in the villa, and the Ragtops are doing great. When they’re sleepy, they all want to climb into our laps together and purr.

When they’re in high-energy mode (more and more of the time), they fly around the villa leaping from the crate towers that Ted built for them to the futon to our knees and back again.

On New Year’s day, we let them out of the villa to run around the den/kitchen area while the dogs were outside. They were wary and skittish at first...sniffing carefully and ducking under furniture for safety. When they felt secure, they began chasing each other into all corners and leaping on and off the couch. Big fun! I think they slept soundly after all that action.

We’ve had a few people express interest in adoption, so we hope they’ll be headed to new homes soon!

Speaking of homes, we heard that Dorothy (now Lilly) is doing great with the other kitten that was adopted with her.

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