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Sonny Days


It’s felt like being on vacation with only the Divers to worry about – and they’re not worth a worry these days. They’re doing great – loving their pad in the villa and even purring when we put in their eye drops. They’re even comfortable with the full run of the first floor now whereas just a week ago, they would dash to their hiding spot under cabinet when given the freedom to roam. They are so athletic – especially Gigi – and fun to watch. Although their eyes are not 100% yet, they are getting there, and we realize we need to start marketing them now because they are growing so fast.

We had heard that we might have a litter of bottle babies coming our way, but as it turns out, they made their way to another rescue group. Instead, we picked up solo kitten, Madison, from our friend the SuperFosterer, who described him as “fragile.” As it turns out, the only reason he got tagged with the fragile label is because the rest of his siblings died one by one from an unknown cause. Two-and-a-half weeks later, Madison (or Sonny as we call him) is the last one standing. Our friend wants to make sure that he has safely dodged whatever killed his litter, so we are keeping him separate from the Divers for a little while.

Sonny is quite the outgoing guy! On the way home, he squawked and squawked in the carrier...when I let him out and just let him snuggle, he was happy. He settled right into the nursery and made himself at home.

We feel sorry for him without any company, so we let him watch baseball with us on the couch last night and he enjoyed wandering around the couch and coffee table. We do wonder if he ever sleeps, however! He always seems to be bright-eyed when we open the door, even if the light’s been off. He has not fallen asleep in our laps or even seemed sleepy. And because he’s still a little guy, that’s pretty unusual.

For all of you FOMs out there (Friends of Marge) – you’ll be happy to hear that she is thriving in her new home. She gets lots of doting attention and belly scratching from my sister, Fran, and she’s staked out all her favorite lounging spots, including in front of the sliding glass door where she has full view of a yard busy with wildlife.

The thing that amazes us is that she has become demanding – no – dictatorial about food! At our house she showed little interest in food and she hardly ate a thing. We figured her bout with fatty liver disease had changed her metabolism and interest in meals. Now, she regularly stomps her feet and cries (or the cat equivalent of that) until she gets her food. I’ve been coaching Fran on how much to give her so she doesn’t end up gaining back all the weight she lost. We’re thrilled, though, that Fran and Margie are such a great match.

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