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I forgot to mention in my last post that another 50K alumnus found a home last weekend… our gorgeous, purring, fraidy-cat Brett! We'd handed him off to his Homeward Trails adoption coordinator in mid-October (though his departure seems much more recent.) He was only here for a few weeks, but he made a splash with our readers. Here's what we heard from his adoption coordinator:

He went to a large house with two very sweet teenage boys who were amazing with him. They spent so long here just quietly sitting with him and had to tell Mom to leave him alone and give him time. They adopted him along with Cole who is a very social 10-month-old kitten.

I just got off the phone and they said Cole is working hard to get Brett to play… Cole was watching football with the three men and Brett was in Amy's lap being terrified but enjoying the TLC.

Aww… We really hope Brett doesn't spend too much time hiding, and gradually learns to trust and open up to his new peeps. At least he'll have a feline buddy he can relate to.

On the 50K front, Oggi and Gigi have been ensconced in the bunkhouse (at night) and adjoining playground (during the day) since early this week, as we attempt to determine whether something in the villa was causing their eye and nose weepiness.

So far it's hard to see much difference. We've also tried switching their canned food diet, but that hasn't seemed to matter much either.

Gigi's eyes are drier than Oggi's, and Oggi's seem a bit improved over the last few days, but we think it's just a cyclical thing. We're taking them to an adoption event on Saturday, and will probably reinstall them in the villa afterward.

If the weepiness increases, that will tell us something. Per Quiltcat's advice on our comments page, we may also try changing our detergent to see if the newly-washed towels are an irritant.

But my guess is we're just seeing the continuing ebb and flow of their battle with the feline herpes virus. It's not slowing them down – they're leaping around the playground and have figured out how to reach all of its perches. But we'd love to get their eyes as clear and dry as possible, since that may be a prerequisite for finding them a home.

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