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Flying In and Out


What a busy 50K weekend!

We said goodbye to the Divers yesterday as part of their new family came to pick them up – mom and dad and their 11-year-old daughter – the other two kids were busy with other activities. O&G were a little spooked by all the activity and people at first. The girl has not had pets before, so she was a little unsure about holding the kittens (who were not helping by being antsy), but she had no trouble figuring out how to engage them with the fleecy string. I assured her that O&G are not fragile, so not to worry about picking them up the “wrong” way. I’m sure she’s already got it figured out by now!

Again, we’re thrilled with what a great match this was – the Divers love to interact and play, and they’ll have lots of playmates now. These are three really nice kids, who I think were excited about having cats for the first time. Their new family promises updates!

We had a few hours to scrub the villa and get ready for the new arrivals. The girls we were expecting all had “N” names already, so we figured an “N” litter name was the way to go. Lots of litters get named with all the same letter, but we find it so confusing! Ted came up with the Nuns – all girls and all in their “habits”!

We drove into Washington to pick them up – the last leg of their odyssey. They and four smaller kittens were driven from Elkins, WV to Hagerstown, MD in one car; the next driver took them to Rockville, MD; the next driver picked them up and brought them to DC, where we met them.

Two other families were waiting for the four smaller kittens – they were already adopted and were going straight home. We were a little concerned about them going to their adopters when we heard the smaller kittens were only 7 weeks old, but when they all arrived (an hour late), the four little kits looked plump and healthy. We put the 12-week-old Nuns in our carriers and took them on their final journey of a long day – poor girls.

We got them into the villa around 8 pm and they immediately started checking everything out. They were a little skittish – understandably! But they seemed healthy (except for some eye crud) and although they were shy last night, they were happy to be held and petted. We knew we’d be able to better judge their personalities after they settled in and got some rest.

Already this morning, they are much more outgoing – and boy do these girls like to play! They love balls and the fleecy string. They romp and wrestle and race around.

Nicki is a little more peep-oriented at this point; she crawled into our laps and purred before running off to join the others. Natasha (we’re calling her Tasha) and Natalie (Natty) liked using us as springboards as they fly around the villa – so the Nuns become the Flying Nuns. They’re great in the box and so far are healthy eaters – all good!

We’re happy that we can tell them apart fairly easily. We’ve had tux litters in the past that were all very similar to one another. Tasha and Natty look a little alike in the face, but Tasha’s fur is a bit longer and has a browner tinge to it.

It will be fun to get to know the Nuns over the next few days as their personalities emerge!

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