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Nuns Fly, Knights Say Hi


We enjoyed our last few days with wacky Nuns, Nanette and Natty, before they flew off to their new home yesterday. Last week we got a message from the woman who adopted Sonny (now Teddy) back in December. Her son and his family had lost their elderly tuxedo and were looking for two kittens for their two little girls, 9 and 5. Teddy’s mom had steered them to 50K to virtually “meet” the Nuns, and they decided it would be a good fit based on photos and descriptions (they were not put off by Natty’s food thievery!)

I hung out in the villa with all the girls, while Ted and the dad went through the adoption paperwork. I thought Nanette and Natty might be nervous with two very excited little girls, but they did great. There was much delighted squealing from the 5-year-old – I think the Nuns should probably get used to that!

The girls had a lot of fun playing with the cat-dancer toy and by the time they left, Nanette’s tongue was hanging out because she was worn out! Both girls knew how to pick up and hold the kittens, and the kittens were fine with that.

The girls had not decided on names yet for the Nuns, but I’m sure that was yesterday’s hot topic of conversation. I imagine all four girls slept pretty soundly after a big day.

Today we heard from their grandmother that the Nuns had made themselves at home immediately and enjoyed more play time and running up and down the stairs. They hoped that the Nuns might sleep with their respective “mamas” last night... I’m not sure that will happen right off the bat, but I imagine it’s a good possibility for the future.

So once again, we had a few hours to scrub down the villa before the next arrivals. The 5-year-old had commented that her family had the same stuffed rat that we have in the villa, but that “theirs was cleaner.” Ha! Well, all the rats and towels and futon cover went into the wash and we vacuumed and disinfected.

We had to pick up the new arrivals at a shopping center at 9 p.m. We’d been given instructions to meet in the Macy’s parking lot near the Cheesecake Factory. Our driver was going to be in a red van. Well, we spent about 25 minutes driving around trying to figure out where to go! For one thing, there were more than one Macy’s buildings and I had to run into the mall twice and track down a map to try and find the Cheesecake Factory. At one point, we saw a red van parked by itself with a man inside, so we pulled up right next to it and jumped out and ran up to the windows. I think the man inside, who was not our driver, was understandably nonplussed! We realized our error and jumped back in the car and continued our crazy circling, laughing at what that guy in the van must’ve thought.

We finally called the transport driver (we hadn’t been able to get through previously) and he directed us in. We had gone everywhere BUT this Macy’s entrance. There must be about 8 in this mall. We snagged the two carriers and lit off for home. One carrier had Rex, the “big brother,” who is a beautifully marked Siamese mix. The other big carrier had Rex’s “siblings,” who are more like 16 weeks rather than 10.

When we got home, Rex was clearly under the weather. On one of his eyes, the third lid is practically covering his whole eyeball. He also seemed rather listless, although he ate. The kittens acted like they’d been cooped up in a carrier for two days, which they had. They were running around jumping, leaping, and playing, and then stopping to wolf down some food. I also discovered that they had all recently been neutered/spayed – though that wasn’t slowing anyone down (except maybe Rex).

We wanted to name the litter something related to Rex, since he’s the only guy with a name. Playing off the “king” theme, we decided on the Knights, because 3 of the 4 kittens are solid black (get it? Knights – nights?) The fourth kitten is a brown tabby, but she really is mostly gray – just her ears have a bit of brown tinge. The biggest black kit is a wild man, and the two black girls are a little more laid back.

Can anyone help us out by throwing out some names for the Knights?

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