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Make That a Six-Pack


Saturday morning we let Rex and the Knights out of the villa, and they stretched their legs by exploring the dining room, hall, kitchen, back room, and basement. For the first time since his arrival, Rex really seemed to perk up. He wandered through the sun-spots on the floor, stood up against the windows to look out, and thoroughly investigated the new terrain.

We let the gang all out again Saturday evening, and while watching the Knights race around decided that we'd overlooked an obvious name for this litter – Rexy's Midnight Runners! (You may have to Google that if you're under 40.)

Then for the second straight week, we drove 20 miles to a suburban mall to meet a transport due to arrive at 9pm.

(For those unfamiliar with the term, "transports" are like two-day relay races that cover hundreds of miles. The runners are heroic volunteers driving their own cars or vans, and the batons are kittens, cats, puppies, and dogs. Each driver of a several-hour leg hands off the crated animals to his or her successor at a designated time and place, along with medical records and destination/contact information for each of the animals being transferred. The animals come from rural shelters in the Carolinas and Virginias to rescue organizations in Washington, DC, Baltimore, New Jersey, and points beyond. The logistical complexity of these relay races is almost beyond belief, so the biggest heroes are probably the volunteers who orchestrate them.)

Our package? "Rex sibling 4", who was pulled from last week's South Carolina transport due to a minor illness. We rolled into the parking lot just as our driver arrived, and were heading home with our missing Knight within minutes.

We reviewed the comments we received and named her Maurelle. She's the smallest of the group, and while she hid under the futon for the first hour or two, by the next day she was strolling confidently around the villa. Nee hissed at her a few times, but the rest of the Knights accepted her right away. Quite a change from the fireworks we saw when we introduced Nanette, Moe, and Spiff to the first three Flying Nuns!

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