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Magical Mystery Tour


Before Martha headed off to work this morning, we popped the boys into their magic bus and brought them out of the nursery. First stop was the breakfast counter.

Nickel looks as if he could sense that this was a snacking destination. After a little sightseeing and some photos, the bus took the boys back into the nursery – but this bus ride was just a warm-up.

Their real Magical Mystery Tour gets underway later today, when the bus will take the Nanos on up to the bunkhouse for a visit. If things work out (i.e. if they show some interest in lapping food from a lid or a bowl), they might be ready to graduate from the nursery for good.

Meanwhile, Mom Julia and her five puffballs seem to be adapting well to life in the villa. After feeding the kits, we refill Julia’s food and water, and then put all five of them in the nest, along with a heated disk. That gives Mom a chance to rest and refuel.

When we pop back into the villa a few hours later, we usually find one or two kittens alone in the nest. It’s not always the same kits: first it was Sylvia and Samara, then it was Samara and Shilo. When we look for the others, we find them under the bed, nursing on Julia. We’re guessing that she feels comfortable feeding three or four kits at once, but not five. So whoever we find in the nest is usually hungry, and that’s who we feed first.

We let the nursing kits keep nursing until Julia breaks free to greet us, then we scoop up the displaced nursers and offer them a little top-off. When that’s done, we weigh ‘em and put all five kits back in the nest.

The shelter techs wanted us to give Julia 2.5 cc of Nutrical twice a day, but that’s proving almost impossible. It’s a lot easier to feed the sticky stuff to kittens, who can’t resist you. We’re not worried, because Julia is eating well, and we’ve assumed part of her nursing burden. She’s still very skinny, and we’re wondering if she just got behind the curve (or underfed) and couldn’t catch up to the demands of nursing. And when two of her nipples got sore, she just couldn’t give everyone what they needed.

As of now, all five kits seemed to be edging in the right direction. So far, so good.

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