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Holed Up for the Holidays


Thanks to Catonsville Cats for the name suggestions in our last post! We had hoped to join Bonnie and Clyde with the Sluggers by now, but after a robust start in the nursery, they both started vomiting up everything they ate.

We thought at first that they were eating too much; then we thought it was just the transition; but then we decided it must be a bug of some sort. Then, Bonnie quit eating all together.

The weird thing about all this is that they never acted sick and have been running around and wrestling and climbing in the back room when we let them out. We’re syringe-feeding Bonnie (this seems to be the story of our lives these past few months)! She’s not fighting us at all, but she’s still not eating on her own either. Between slurry and Nutrical, she’s holding her own on the weight front – not gaining, but not in a free fall, either.

Clyde is eating pretty well, and the nursery has been vomit-free for about 24 hours now.

Bonnie and Clyde are real love-bugs who like being picked up and held. They’re big purrers, too. They’ve obviously had a lot of attention by whoever had them. We heard they were found by some guy at his apartment and he kept them for awhile before turning them in to the county shelter.

We don’t think they spent long at the shelter, but they must’ve picked up some bug. Probably a URI, since we heard Bonnie coughing yesterday. We want to wait until they’re over whatever it is before we put them in the villa.

The Sluggers are doing fine. Molina is eating pretty well and has some days with good weight gain and then days when she’s kind of flat. She’s moving in the right direction, however.

Albert has really packed on the pounds in the last few days – he’s looking more and more like his namesake, Albert Pujols!

Cruz and Willow are neck and neck for the spot of weightiest Sluggette. Cruz and Albert have some monster smack-downs and Willow has developed a bad habit of hair-chewing. They all like to crawl into our laps and purr, but Molina is still the one who purrs the loudest and loves being held the most.

On Monday, they will have a potential adopter visiting, so we’ll be sure to tell them to be on their best behavior – a new home would be a nice way to start the new year!

Ted and I are looking forward to moules and frites and cava tonight and dinner with family and friends tomorrow. To all our 50K pals – have a merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, or great day of the season that you celebrate!

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