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We were so happy that neighbor cats Rocko and his pal had our new cat house to keep them warm over a couple of frigid nights this week. And even though it was almost 70 degrees here yesterday, Rocko was still in the house – so I guess it must be a pretty good hang-out! It still seems odd not to put something cozy like a towel or blanket in there, but that is not recommended because those materials get damp and end up being cold. And based on occupancy rate, I guess the leaves/shredded paper must be warmer and cozier than they appear.

We said goodbye to four kittens yesterday. Yay!

Albert and Willow went home with a great mom who has lots of cat experience. Because she lost elderly cats last year, it’s been awhile since she’s had kittens in the house, and we’re betting that she’ll be surprised at how crazy, fun, and manic they can be. She had sent us photos of the room she had set up for them, and it was full of cool kitten toys and places for them to hang out. I’m sure it didn’t take them long to try everything out.

Bonnie and Clyde went with a mom who had grown up with cats, but they are the first cats she’s had of her own.

It’s funny, although everyone got along great and nobody had hissed in many days, Bonnie and Clyde still sought each other out to play and wrestle. So it’s extra nice that they went home together.

We were guessing that all the kittens might have been snuggled up in their humans’ beds last night. Because kittens don’t ever get to sleep in our room, they’re not used to being with peeps at night, but all these guys are such cuddlers, that we were betting that they figured it out pretty quickly. We can only hope they didn’t attack feet and chew hair all night (Willow...??) We’ll look forward to getting updates.

It seems so long ago when we picked them up on a cold October night. They were so incredibly tiny, and we really wondered if any of them would survive. It’s so gratifying to send them on their way to great new homes where they will be loved – what a great pay off!

So that leaves the odd couple, Cruz and Molina, alone in the villa.

Because Cruz’s activity level is so much higher than Molina’s, Ted rigged up a string game that kept her busy for quite some time.

What we never captured on camera was how she grabs the string in her mouth and then tries to carry it away with it s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g until she can’t hold it anymore.

She leapt around with it until she wore herself out, all with Molina perched on my knee, watching.

We decided this was a game that required adult supervision, so we put it away until we’re around.

Later we let the girls out in the back room and they were chasing each other and even wrestling together!

Just in the course of a day, Cruz has been much more of a cuddler since her high-energy sibs flew the coop. So it seems as though Cruz is mellowing a bit and Molina is revving up a bit, which is good for them both.

We’re still not quite sure how things will shake out for them. Cruz is ready to go home now, while Molina still needs to pack on some additional weight. It’s possible that someone will want one kitten as a companion for a young cat, or perhaps there are other odd-sized litters around the same age that will have one kitten needing a partner. It’s also possible that Cruz will hang with us until Molina is ready to go. We’ll just have to see what shakes out.

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