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The Homeward Trails adoption process is more rigorous than those of some other DC-area rescue organizations and shelters. Prospective adopters fill out and submit a questionnaire, which an HT volunteer uses as the basis for a phone interview. If that goes well, the adopter is invited to meet the kittens (or cat, dog, puppy) he or she is interested in.

If the adopter finds the right animal and wants to go forward, someone from HT calls the vet clinic they’ve used in the past (if the adopter has or recently had other pets). We also call the adopter’s landlord (if they rent) to verify that the adoption is permitted. Last but not least, an HT volunteer schedules a visit to the adopter’s home.

I’ve had aspiring kitten adopters yell at me over the phone when I explained that the home visit is non-negotiable. I’m always happy to see those people melt away, since it prevents us from wasting our time or sending the kittens we’ve worked hard to rescue to potentially unsafe homes. So the downside is that placing our kittens through HT requires a little more effort than it would if we fostered for a local shelter (like we used to.)

The upside is that we get to meet almost all of our adopters, and our fosterlings end up going home with parents like Stella (Samoa, 2010)…

Hi Ted and Martha!

Hope you two had a great Christmas and New Years…

Mosby's doing well (but then again, when hasn't he done well)… He is as cuddly as ever and we're still amazed how a cat can be so affectionate. Although he does love Nick more and constantly goes on mood swings with me; I'm banking on the reason being I'm the one who always yells at him to get off the counters/windows or get out of the closet/den/bathroom/laundry room.

Another exciting news is that we brought home a puppy around Thanksgiving. He is a pure-bred Samoyed and is named Sterling. Mosby is still quite hesitant around him since he's no longer the golden child of the household ... He's currently four months old and loves to "play" with Mosby. Mosby does his best impersonation of a tough cat and swats at Sterling with furious vigor. Unfortunately this spirals into an endless cycle of swatting from both parties until Mosby leaps up onto the counter.. and of course I end up yelling at him to get down.

I've attached two photos… One of Mosby on his new favorite perch: the computer tower and the second is a rare moment that they were both passed out on our couch.

All the best, Stella

…Nicole (Skoda and Bobke, 2011)…

Hi Ted and Martha and Happy Holidays –

I wanted to give you a quick update on the kittens! Skoda and Tomo are more than thriving. They have really taken to our home and have pretty much only taken to destroying my artificial x-mas tree by climbing up to the top and taking a snooze. They are just as sweet and snugly as ever and sleep with me every night. They easily became accustomed to our routine and have been amazing. They are growing into their "cat" faces as you will see from the pictures…

Anyway, I can' tell you how much we have enjoyed having these two in our lives and are excited for many more to come... Enjoy the pictures!

Best Regards, Nicole

…and Amy.
(Albert and Willow, 2012)

Hi Ted and Martha!

Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that the kittens are doing really well and adjusting to their new surroundings. They were fabulously calm and sweet on our drive and, after our arrival, spent most of the day yesterday exploring, playing, and having fun together… They seem to be enjoying each other's company a lot – lots of playing as well as napping together…

Willow has an exceptional purr and loves playing with my hair – mostly she loves batting at the pieces that escape my ponytail and trying to lick at the rest when given access to it. Albert is doing great and is such a snuggle bug. I am changing his name to Finley which is Gaelic for pale warrior or 'fair haired courageous one’ (which seems apt for) this strong, playful, orange guy.

It is ridiculous how many pictures I have taken already but they are fairly awesome subjects... Thanks again for everything and especially the loving care you gave them both over the past few months…

How are Molina and Cruz doing?

Take care, Amy

When we get these updates, it’s like being handed a big slice of coconut cake. Those of you who followed 50K in 2008-09 will understand how different this kind of closure is from what we experienced back then – with kittens like Flynn and Harley and Nickel, who we visited week after week at the shelter while they waited for a permanent home. Only to sometimes reappear at the shelter a few months or a year after being adopted.

Cruz and Molina may be with us for a while as we try to figure out if and when Molina is strong enough to go home with her Slugger sister.

But they’re a lot of fun to have around, and it sure beats worrying about them as they wait for a home somewhere else.

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