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Lina and Molina


When we got home from vacation last weekend, we had plenty of boring e-mail to sift through, but we also had a nice message from the young couple who adopted Cruz and Molina in February of 2012. Here’s an excerpt from the e-mail their dad sent:

The cats are doing great. They are still absolutely adorable. Callie (formerly Molina) still has a complete kitten look to her face, and she's become rather vocal as of late. She never really meows, but loves to chirp as she's frolicking around the apartment.

Whenever I get home from work, she runs to the door to greet me, then immediately runs into the bedroom and jumps on the bed in order to get some much needed attention. She has taken to sleeping on the bed at night, often right on top of my chest. She'll just sit there and purr for what seems like hours until I finally fall asleep.

Cruz is still as adorable as ever. Whenever I sit down to on the couch she'll be right up there with me, flopping down in my lap in order to have me attack her with love.

I was recently looking through the pictures of them when they were kittens (again), and laughed when I saw the pictures of Cruz attacking Ted's armpits. We don't appear to have that problem, but she has fallen deeply in love with my black dress socks. She has taken to collecting as many as she can before rolling around on them for hours. Callie generally just sits there and watches with a confused look on her face.

I feel so lucky to have these girls. They have truly turned out to be as wonderful as when we first met them. I cannot imagine not having them here with us.

The Sluggers have to rank as one of our all-time favorite litters. Given that two of the original six abandoned newborns died in their second week, and that the survivors all had scary days, sending Albert and Willow and then Cruz and Molina to great homes was a grand-slam outcome.

And we were thrilled that Callie/Molina overcame what we’d worried would be a life-threatening combination of megaesophagus and a heart abnormality. Thanks to the generosity of our readers, Homeward Trails was able to pay for the expensive cardiology care she needed. We’re still grateful for that.

On to Tatyana and her two Blinis! I’d never heard that word before, but Martha knew that a Blini is a Russian pancake. Thanks for the great suggestions – we liked Sputniks and Refusniks too. But this pair seems edibly cute.

The Blinis have tried to nurse since their arrival, but at this point it’s a comfort gesture, since Tatyana hasn’t had any milk for a while. On Monday both Blinis demonstrated they could lap slurry from a bowl or a spoon. Then both of them regressed and stopped eating.

After a few days of syringe-feeding, the Blinis started eating consistently on their own on Friday. It may have been just the usual transition to weaner-hood, but when Lina began walking away from the food bowl, lost all the weight she’d gained since arriving, and looked like she was having trouble holding her head up, we started the kits on Clavamox. Within 24 hours she was eating on her own again, gaining weight, and rambling around more often. Arthur too.

Now we’re starting to see the playful behavior (e.g. wrestling, toy-chewing, swatting mom’s tail) we expect from month-old kittens.

Both of them enjoy the grooming and attention they get from Tatyana, but Arthur especially loves his “mom”. At least once a day he engages her in a wrestling match and inevitably gets his butt kicked.

Tatyana flips him over, locks him down with her front paws, and nibbles him until he squeals.

Then she backs off and lets him cuddle with her.

Lina is warming up to her peeps a little bit. I didn’t get off to a great start with her because she hates being syringe-fed – doesn’t matter whether it’s medicine, slurry, Nutrical, or yummy Viralys. But now that the syringe-feeding is over, she’s starting to realize that my picking her up doesn’t necessarily mean something unpleasant is about to happen.

And the Blinis may start taking cues from Tatyana, who absolutely loves to be held and stroked. She’s the latest in a string of great 2012-13 mom-cats.

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