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Saturday had me traveling for a lot of hours to get from Dar es Salaam to Washington Dulles via Istanbul (thumbs up to Turkish Air! I’d fly them again!) When I arrived home, there was a new set of residents at 50K. Ted had taken Autumn and the boys to an adoption event in DC on Saturday afternoon.

As it turns out, a dad and his two kids were just starting their search for a pair of kittens, and in a whirlwind of activity, they ended up taking home Dean and Neville that day!

Ted did the home visit and delivered the boys. I guess all of this decision-making took place while the mom was in the dentist’s chair linked via cell phone. Ted said that it was a wonderful match and Neville was already making himself at home (while Dean hid initially – no surprise). But both boys enjoyed having the kids hold and pet them, which had sealed the deal.

Autumn was left at the store where she’ll be a shop cat until someone adopts her. She’s so mellow that we thought she would not only do well at the shop, but find a home quickly there.

Meanwhile, Ted brought home two new kittens – Pumpkin (a totally unsuitable name) and Raemy – and installed our hybrid posse in the freshly scrubbed villa. Pumpkin is....no...not orange, but a beautiful gray tabby with white. I’ve been calling her Abbzug, because she reminds me of the feisty character in The Monkey Wrench Game named Bonnie Abbzug.

She has been very busy chasing and beating up on Peanut and Seamus. She is also a non-stop player with the Cat Dancer and the dangling ball. Seamus flattens his ears and growls at her, while Peanut fights back a little before escaping. She’s not being mean – she’s just a very aggressive wrestler.

Raemy is a little tuxie girl who has been a little freaked out with all the change and high energy in the room. Today she came out and while we ignored her, she watched us carefully, then decided we might be ok. She let me pick her up and weigh her, and then let me scratch her ears for quite awhile. She’s still a little leery of being held, but she’ll come around. She’s not feral...just a little scared.

We’re not sure if Pumpkin/Abbzug will calm down after awhile, or if this is her play style. If the latter, then she probably would be best with an equally high-energy play partner. However, she does like to be held and petted while purring, until she feels the need to pounce on one of the boys.

Strangely, she’s lost a lot of weight in the last couple of days, and someone (we assume it’s her) has been doing a lot of vomiting. If this is Pumpkin feeling poorly, I don’t think I want to see Pumpkin feeling great!

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