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Villa Vibes


After a few days of hissing, hiding, swatting, growling, barfing, and see-saw weigh-ins, things are settling down a bit in the villa.

We lined the wall behind the futon with litterboxes to make sure Raemy gets the “no pooping on the floor” message. That seems to have solved the problem. She no longer races under the futon when we enter the room, though she’s still tough to catch for the morning weigh-in. If we hang out and ignore her, she’ll emerge to play some trackball or hassle Pumpkin’s tail.

Pumpkin still has the biggest attitude of the villa’s four unrelated roommates. She must not have had a chance to meet many potential adopters yet, because her combination of looks, purring, and face-nuzzling is pretty adorable. She loves to be held, and when we put her in our laps, she’ll stretch to go nose to nose, or to tap our faces with her paws.

If Seamus tries to climb up alongside her, she’ll growl at him and start a wrestling match. As the lone representative of the BB Boys, Seamus has been with us for almost eight weeks and had lots of handling. So he still squawks to be picked up when we enter the room, and purrs while we comb the inevitable food crud from his face.

Peanut and Seamus aren’t exactly best buds, but we do find them hanging out together sometimes. Raemy and Pumpkin usually opt for solo napping spots.

Pumpkin and Peanut can leap from level to level on the cat tree, spring-boarding from the bottom to the summit in about a second. They’re not pals yet either, but I think they have good pairing potential. For now they’re roughly the same size, and both are gorgeous and healthy. Pumpkin is a little more people-oriented, but Peanut is moving in that direction too.

That would leave Seamus and Raemy as our final pair. They’re also relatively close in weight, and Seamus (aka Pigpen, aka Butterball) is so comfortable with people that he’d probably be a good influence on Raemy, who still acts a little skittish when we approach her.

Another week or two in a familiar setting with consistent roommates should help this whole pack feel more confident. They’re all big enough to find homes now, but they’ll still benefit from a stint in finishing school.

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