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A lot of comings and goings at 50K the past few days...

A volunteer dropped off Gus on Friday afternoon. His sibs had been adopted and he needed some pals around the same age. Though he was probably a month or so older than the 3Ds, he fit in right away.

The 3Ds were rather fascinated by him... following him around and trying to sniff him and touch his tail. He hissed mildly and generally tried to avoid them until he could get the lay of the land, but by the next morning, they were all buddies. But as it turned out, not for long!

We had a couple coming at 11 am who had seen the 3Ds on Petfinder.

They had just relocated from L.A. and were still finding our bitterly cold weather novel.

They were anxious to have a pair of kittens join their new household.

Of course, Dryfus was the ambassador for the group, but Duncan eventually came out and spent some quality time in their laps, which sealed the deal.

That left Gus and Dee to hang out until 2 pm when another couple was coming to look for a young cat to keep them company. We normally adopt kittens out only in pairs, but this was a multi-generational house with the newlyweds living with her parents and her grandparents.

Although the kitten would be theirs, he would also get to hang out with two other cats in the household a lot, because the granddaughter works out of the house with her mother.

We were not surprised that they chose Gus, because Dee spent most of the visit under the futon (sigh.) Because Gus抯 new mom and grandmom are professional photographers, we expect some fantastic follow-up shots to come!

And it certainly didn抰 take long for Dryfus and Duncan to make themselves at home and for Duncan to shed a little of his skittishness. Their new names are Maverick and Goose:

揋oose is really coming out of his shell – still a little shy, but playing like a maniac with his brother and such a cuddle bug when we can snag him. Mav, as you'd expect, is all over us and just the sweetest.

One, two, three, aw...

We also got an update from Beasley抯 parents (from the Knockout litter, now named Archer). He went home to be a friend to their young cat, Belle. His mom reported:

揌e still loves running in and out of his blue tube and he recently got an auto laser toy for Christmas he'll chase around. He still climbs up on top of my chest as I'm laying down to cuddle. He still kneads and suckles. It's a little difficult because he's definitely not the little kitty he used to be when we first got him. I attempt to move him lower down or to my side but he is determined to be wrapped around my neck. It's probably a lost cause at this point.

I抦 sure she wasn抰 thrilled to learn that our 8-year-old Yogi still kneads and suckles, but he uses a fleecy blanket. I suggested she try to transition him to a soft blanket or stuffed animal!

So now we have Dee alone. She realized pretty quickly that although she had spent most of her time trying to avoid us, now that she didn抰 have her siblings around that maybe we humans were OK! That抯 one way to speed up socialization.

This morning she was crying loudly and running up to the door as soon as we opened it (instead of bolting under the futon), so we brought her upstairs. She抯 a lot happier now, and although the big cats are hissing at her a bit, she抯 unfazed, and happy to run around her make herself at home.

We抮e working on getting her some companions to join her here or for us to take her somewhere else. Meanwhile, she抣l be ok and actually benefit from having nobody to get attention from but us.

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