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Up and Out


After sending Gus home Saturday afternoon, we let Dee cool her heels in the villa overnight. All by herself. By Sunday morning she had a whole new outlook on peep interaction, and it didn’t involve hiding under the futon. Like almost all the kittens we’ve fostered, she definitely didn’t enjoy being alone.

We brought her upstairs, rigged the bunkhouse (master bath) with food, litter, and a nest, and gave her access to the playground (master bedroom). It didn’t take her long to explore all the nooks and crannies, and to discover the folded blanket and cat bed on the oversized window sill.

On Monday she demonstrated her ability to scale stacked baby gates in the playground doorway, showing her determination to join me and the staff cats down the hall in the office. I raised the gates a few inches so she (but not Reggie, Mia, or Yogi) could crawl under them.

So Dee spent most of the last two days freely exploring the upstairs, focusing on the office, the workout room, and the hall bath where we keep the food and litterboxes for the big cats.

She drew a few hisses from Reggie and Mia, but she wasn’t afraid to play with their toys, eat their food, or take over a coveted desktop bed, if it was unocccupied.

At night we closed the door to the playground, keeping Dee in and the big cats out. She trotted across our bed occasionally while we slept, but generally didn’t disturb us. Whenever I woke up, I could hear her purring from some nearby nesting spot. As I experienced in November with Hope, it’s amazing how quickly you can bond with a kitten that you spend most of your day and night with.

But what Dee really needs, of course, is a feline playmate her own age. After we find her partner in crime, she needs an adoptive family who can give two great kittens the attention they deserve. To that end, we dropped her off last night with a Homeward Trails volunteer who is taking her to get spayed today. After recovering, Dee will go to the HT cat manager, who should have one or more kittens Dee can partner with.

We’ve offered to take her back as part of a posse, so we’ll see what happens. More likely we’ll get a litter of younger furballs.

Until then, we’ll have to settle for some mellow days with our canine and feline packs.

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