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No, 50K hasn’t been swallowed by a black hole or rendered incommunicado by some other perturbation of space-time.

We have, however, been kitten-less since our return from vacation in early January. Something tells me Snowzilla and the recent deep freezes mean that kitten season won’t begin in the mid-Atlantic states for at least a few more weeks.

Not sure what to make of it, but we did spot an unfamiliar black cat in our front yard when we got home last night at 11pm. Worried that it might be a stray with no indoor refuge on a night when temps were heading for single digits, we put our feral-cat shelter outside last night, and then placed a little kibble nearby today. If our interloper returns, we’ll post an entry.

In the meantime, here are excerpts from a nice note we got last week from the woman who adopted Penny and Shamrock (now Lucky) in January, 2013.

Hi Martha and Ted,

It's been a while since I checked in about Penny and Lucky (Shamrock) but I thought I'd give you the three-year update.

I moved in June and the move brought some new features to our lives. First – carpet! My first apartment was all wood, and the second place only had carpet in the bedroom. Lucky enjoys lying on his back, spread eagle, and reaching over his head at the fibers.

We also gained a bedroom door. The concept of a door was very unnerving to Lucky and when I tried to sleep with the door closed, he howled outside and dug at the carpet…

My solution was to put a rug over the area, but he just started digging through that too. Then I put heavy boxes in front of the door, which solved the Lucky problem, but then Penny (clever girl) figured out that she could stand on top of the boxes and open the door herself!

It's adorable how much they want to be with me, but also frustrating at times. Penny has expanded her repertoire to being able to open the door even when standing on the floor. Sometimes I don't know whether to be seriously impressed at her dedication and ingenuity, or be appalled. Good thing they are both so cute and snuggly!

One of Penny’s favorite things is my bike. She loves to hop onto the handlebars when I'm doing an indoor workout and lick the sweat off my arms. One day I need to get her a basket so I can take her for an actual ride.

I made her a "Purrito" costume out of felt and cotton balls (foil, lettuce, rice and beans) for Halloween. It lasted about 30 seconds.

While she may not enjoy being wrapped in a tortilla, clearly Penny and her brother Lucky are on a roll!

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