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Litter number: 24
Kitten number: 100
Gender: m
Color: black

Siblings: unknown

was added to the Cinders litter only two days before the episode with Spike that triggered the shelter to demand all its kittens back from us, so we barely got to know him before we gave him back. But even his brief stint at 50K was enough to convince us that he was very friendly and good-natured, though perhaps a bit bossy. He didnít seem scared when we deposited him in the middle of an established litter, and we didnít see any hissing or swatting as he got to know the Cinders.

Goblin was underweight when we came to 50K, but that changed rapidly as he gained about six ounces in two days. On his last day with us he seemed very relaxed, and was happy to provide grooming and TLC to Spike after Spike returned to the bunkhouse from his road-trip with me.

Arrival date: 10/21/2009
Departure date: 10/22/2009