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Litter number: 25
Kitten number: 101
Gender: m
Color: buff

Nickname: the Ralligator
Siblings: Risa, Ryder, Regis

When we got the Ragtops, Raleigh had a skin condition that left him with a scabby nose, broken off whiskers, and no fur on his paws, but soon, his beautiful buff coloring made him one of our most handsome kittens. He and his siblings were expert wrestlers and incorrigible leg-climbers. Raleigh, in particular, was very athletic when leaping around the villa and loved chasing balls and corks.

But when it was quiet time, he and Ryder would fight for lap space with their peeps and purr for belly rubs. Raleigh and Ryder were adopted by a great family with two boys. Raleigh is now Leo, and were sure hes having a lot of fun with his new family.

Arrival date: 10/30/2009
Departure date: 1/14/2010