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Litter number: 25
Kitten number: 102
Gender: f
Color: tabico

Siblings: Raleigh, Ryder, Regis

Although the Ragtops were awfully raggedy when they showed up at 50K, Risa rarely had fur out of place. A beautiful patched tabby with white trim, she attracted a lot of attention for her good looks; however, Risa had no trouble keeping up with the boys in the wrestling department. She also loved to leap from leg to window sill to milk crate, then would sneak up behind a peep on the couch and start ear nibbling.

Although she was a rough and tumble tomboy, she didn’t want to give up her bottle for weeks after the boys moved on to solid food. She went to a home with another young female kitten whom she’s probably bossing around like she did her brothers.

Arrival date: 10/30/2009
Departure date: 1/14/2010