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Litter number: 25
Kitten number: 103
Gender: m
Color: orange + white

Siblings: Raleigh, Risa, Regis

Ryder arrived at 50K as a tiny and scruffy member of the litter we called the Ragtops. Though he was less rambunctious than his siblings Raleigh and Risa, Ryder gradually overtook them both in size and strength, and was easily the longest and strongest Ragtop by the end of his tenure with us.

But Ryder was also the most willing to be held and petted, or lounge in a foster parent’s lap while Risa and Raleigh chased each other’s tails. Ryder was also the most vocal Ragtop. During his first days at 50K, he would sit at our feet and sing when he thought it was time for dinner. As he grew, he developed into a litterbox singer. When we heard a melody of mews from the corner, we knew Ryder was preparing to “deliver the goods”.

Ryder met his new peeps at his first adoption event, when he was smart enough to make sustained eye contact with his future dad while Risa and Raleigh were chasing balls across the floor. And he was especially lucky to be adopted along with Raleigh by a family with two pre-teen boys. We’re sure our Ragtop boys are contributing quite a bit of purrsonality and fun to their forever home.

Arrival date: 10/30/2009
Departure date: 1/14/2010