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Litter number: 27
Kitten number: 107
Gender: m
Color: gray + white

Siblings: Lincoln, Jackie-O, TJ, Mamie

George was the first-born of Minnie's Moochers and the only non-tuxedo or black kitten in the litter. A little bigger and stronger than his siblings from the start, George didn't use his size to dominate his siblings. He enjoyed romping or wrestling with everyone, and was more of an alpha goofball than an alpha kitten. He especially liked snoozing with Jackie-O, his smallest sister. When the vacuum cleaner appeared in the villa, George retreated under the futon with his mom and siblings, but he was always the first to emerge when the vacuuming stopped.

George was renamed Joey by the young couple who adopted him, and he immediately befriended his feline big sister – an orange tabby named Moey!

Arrival date: 2/15/2010
Departure date: 5/8/2010