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Litter number: 27
Kitten number: 110
Gender: f
Color: black + white

Nickname: T Jamison, Furricane TJ
Siblings: George, Lincoln, Jackie-O, Mamie

had the coolest markings of the Moocher kittens, with a black-on-white nose and white swirls on her black medium-haired sides. Because the Moochers were born on Presidents Day, and because we initially thought TJ was a boy, we named her after Thomas Jefferson.

We soon realized TJ was female, but decided to keep her name… appropriately as it turned out, because she evolved from a weak little sister into a rambunctious tomboy we called Furricane TJ.

When we started allowing the Moochers to explore outside the villa, TJ was the first to learn how to climb the baby gate when the villa door opened. Soon she could leap to the top of the gate and escape the villa if we left the door open momentarily. At first we could easily guide her back into the villa using the laser pointer, but unlike her siblings, TJ caught on to that trick and became the most difficult Moocher to capture in the open living-room terrain.

When TJ's scheduled adoption fell through at the last minute, we were thrilled to see her go home along with Lincoln and mom Minnie as part of a Moochers triple play.

Arrival date: 2/15/2010
Departure date: 5/15/2010