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Litter number: 27
Kitten number: 111
Gender: f
Color: black + white

Siblings: George, Lincoln, Jackie-O, TJ

Mamie was the last-born of Minnie's five Moochers, but from the start she was always a little bigger and stronger than her sisters Jackie-O and TJ, who were born immediately before her. Mamie was both the most musical sibling and the Moocher who most closely resembled her Mom, who she enjoyed pairing off with for naps during her last two weeks with us.

Appropriately, Mamie's adoptive family renamed her Mini… both in tribute to her mom and because their two-year-old male cat is named Cooper. And Cooper is the 50K alumnus formerly known as Sonet!

Arrival date: 2/15/2010
Departure date: 4/23/2010