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Litter number: 29
Kitten number: 119
Gender: f
Color: tortie

Nickname: Vuvacious
Siblings: Bafana, Beckham, Zela, Pele

Along with her sister Zela, Vuvu was named after the vuvuzela horns that provided the soundtrack for the 2010 World Cup games in South Africa. Like many young kittens, Vuvu was a "foot-monger" who gravitated toward shoes and feet. If we were standing barefoot and felt something warm and furry, it's was usually Vuvu getting comfortable on our foot. If we left an empty flip-flop nearby, Vuvu would take it for a test-drive.

While Vuvu started off as the smallest of the FIFAs, she was a tenacious eater and eventually outgrew both of her sisters. When I would grind coffee beans in the morning while the FIFAs ate breakfast, four kittens would scatter while Vuvu kept right on eating. And though she wasn't particularly vocal, Vuvu had a large vocabulary and always purred loudly when picked up and held.

Arrival date: 6/13/2010
Departure date: 7/25/2010