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Litter number: 35
Kitten number: 139
Gender: m
Color: brown tabby

Siblings: Lancelot, Nee, Guinevere, Maurelle

a friendly guy with classic brown-tabby looks, and the only non-black kitten in the Knights litter – which makes us wonder whether he was really related to the other four Knights. Percy was the smallest Knight when he arrived at 50K, but he wasn't afraid to romp and wrestle with his bigger siblings. He ate well and eventually caught up to all but Lance. Percy was the best purrer of the Knights, and from the start he socialized with both his peeps and his kitten pals. When we let the Knights into the back room and read the papers on the couch, Percy couldn't resist diving onto the middle of the page we were reading.

Like his siblings, he went "on view" at PetMAC after graduating from 50K, and immediately attracted interest based on his personality and great looks. But his coordinator wisely paired him up with Nee, which extended his stay at the shop (with lots of opportunities to explore a fascinating room) for a couple of weeks, but ultimately helped send Nee home along with him.

Arrival date: 3/12/2011
Departure date: 4/16/2011