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Litter number: 37
Kitten number: 148
Gender: f
Color: gray tabby

Siblings: Beryl, Galena, Pewter, Petoskey, Mica, Opal

a classic-looking silver tabby girl from the Gems litter, and completely indistinguishable from her twin sister Opal. We had to weigh the two of them in quick succession to be able to tell them apart. Opal always weighed a little more, while Agate vied with Galena for the designation of smallest Gem.

While the Gems were still too young to go home, prospective adopters visited us and chose Galena and Petoskey, Mica and Opal, and then Beryl and Pewter, leaving Agate without a sibling to pair with. So the week before the last five Gems went home, we picked up a gray kitten named Katie at the Homeward Trails office and brought her back to 50K. Then a woman who wanted to adopt Katie visited us and decided to make Agate her sister, so Agate wasn't left alone after all.

Katie was a bit hissy toward all the Gems during her short stay at 50K, but Agate put up with her, and Agate actually became much more people-oriented after all of her siblings had gone home. We heard from their adopter that Agate and Katie were finally starting to get along with each other after a few days at their forever home. We knew it wouldn't take long.

Arrival date: 4/17/2011
Departure date: 5/28/2011