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Litter number: 37
Kitten number: 151
Gender: f
Color: gray tabby

Siblings: Beryl, Galena, Pewter, Agate, Petoskey, Mica

along with Agate, one of the two Gem girls we called "the Bobbsey Twins", because the only way we were ever able to tell them apart was by weighing them. They even went through the stages of Gem Fever together, following directly in Mica's foosteps and recovering before the last of their siblings (Pewter) even got sick.

Opal and Agate were noticeably smaller than Mica, easy to distinguish from white-marked Beryl and Petoskey, and had shorter, sleeker fur than Galena or Pewter. Their coloring had a faint tawny-ness or rosy-ness to it that was both unusual and quite attractive. The Bobbsey Twins were quieter and a little more cautious than siblings like Galena and Petoskey, but as they grew and gained confidence, they became more outgoing.

Arrival date: 4/17/2011
Departure date: 5/27/2011