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Litter number: 39
Kitten number: 160
Gender: f
Color: gray + white

Nickname: Parisimo
Siblings: Cowboy, Skoda, Bobke, Wheels

a gray and white tabby with a beauty-mark on her cheek, Paris was the only female in the Peloton litter. While always smaller than her brothers, Paris had no qualms about wrestling and romping with one or all of them. When Bobke and Wheels hopped up on the futon to nuzzle and greet us, we could be sure that Paris (and Skoda) were busy inspecting our footwear with their teeth and claws. Flip-flops, sneakers, sandals, or clogs – Paris never met a pair of shoes that didnít interest her. Even bare feet were worthy of a thorough inspection. Once she was finished with our feet, she would climb onto the futon and crawl on top of us to hang out.

Paris went home with honorary Peloton member Smoky Joe, who joined the pack for their last two weeks with us and came out of his shy-kitten shell with help from Paris and the boys. Her new family renamed her Rudy.

Arrival date: 7/17/2011
Departure date: 9/20/2011