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Litter number: 40
Kitten number: 163
Gender: m
Color: black + white

Siblings: Maynard, Dizzy, Yoko

the biggest and strongest of the Hepcats from the start, and (along with Yoko) one of the two silkiest kittens we've fostered. Miles was a great-looking tuxedo kitten with cool white highlights over his black spots. Though he set the growth pace for his siblings, toward the end of his 50K tenure Miles came down with a mild virus that temporarily derailed his appetite, and over the course of a week or so he watched Dizzy and Maynard zoom past him. But by the time he graduated, Miles was back on top. With his social personality, ready purr-motor, and playful attitude, Miles was probably Ted's favorite Hepcat.

We were so enamored of Miles that we were happy to see him paired up with Dizzy, hoping that he might help all-black Dizzy find a home. That didn't happen during the weekend they went on view at PetMAC, but they went off to another HT foster home together and we hope their forever home emerges soon.

Arrival date: 9/10/2011
Departure date: 10/28/2011