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Litter number: 40
Kitten number: 164
Gender: m
Color: black

Nickname: Dizzle
Siblings: Maynard, Miles, Yoko

Dizzy was the only all-black member of the Hepcats litter. Both the foster parent who sent us the Hepcats as bottle babies and the foster parent who took care of them while we were away on vacation told us that he was their favorite, probably because he was playful and mischievous. When we added shy older kitten Orion to the gang, Dizzy was the first kitten to successfully draw Orion out from under the futon and get him to engage in play.

Dizzy liked to climb on his peeps and purr for a while, but he wasn't the type to stay in one place for long, since there was always something else to investigate or play with. Dizzy and Miles were paired up for a weekend at PetMAC after leaving 50K, then went to another Homeward Trails foster home while waiting for their forever family to find them.

Arrival date: 9/10/2011
Departure date: 10/28/2011