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Litter number: 41
Kitten number: 169
Gender: f
Color: dilute tortie

Siblings: Cruz, Albert, Willow

a gorgeous dilute torbie and the little princess of the Sluggers tribe. Molina was average size (4.5 oz) on day two, but from the start she had more trouble with bottle-feeding than her siblings did, and within a week she was the smallest Slugger. Like her sibs, she responded well to antibiotics when the predicted fading-kitten infection arose between days 8 and 10. But Molina still had trouble eating enough and keeping her food down. She grew more slowly than the other Sluggers, and was less energetic. When two of the three Sluggers at a different foster home died, we worried Molina might be next.

But Molina hung in there, and we gradually started to believe she'd survive. That raised the question of what was wrong with her, and what her adoption prospects would be. We took her to a vet for x-rays, and she was diagnosed with a heart murmur and a mild case of megaesophagus. We'd suspected some form of GI tract constriction, so we were relieved it wasn't worse, but the murmur had us fearing a congenital heart defect and the possibility of sudden death.

Yet almost from the moment she got home from the vet, Molina started to gain energy and momentum. When Albert and Willow went home together, Molina stepped forward to wrestle and play with her rambunctious sister Cruz. Her regurgitation and vomiting diminished, her appetite improved, and she started gaining weight more steadily.

We began to feel better about her prospects, but still needed a diagnosis on her heart, so we raised $600 for an echocardiogram from our generous readers. And Molina aced the exam, and came home with a green light for a long life expectancy. Her heart murmur was just due to mild turbulence in the blood exiting her left ventricle, not to a structural heart defect.

After her trip to the cardiologist, Molina spent another month at 50K, giving her the chance to solidify her gains in weight and strength. In late February, she and Cruz went home together as the first pets for a young couple. We couldn’t have scripted a better outcome for one of our all-time favorite kittens.

Arrival date: 10/22/2011
Departure date: 2/24/2012