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Litter number: 41
Kitten number: 171
Gender: f
Color: tortie

Siblings: Cruz, Molina, Albert

the only tortie among the six Sluggers kittens, who came to 50K as two-day-olds with their eyes closed and umbilical cords attached. Willow went to another Homeward Trails foster home with two of her siblings, but when both of them died, she joined surviving sibs Albert, Cruz, and Molina at 50K.

Willow defied the "crazy tortie" stereotype and became (along with Molina) one of her litters' two loudest purrers. When we brought breakfast or dinner to the 50K villa, Willow would stand by our feet and squawk until we picked her up and stroked her for twenty or thirty seconds. Then she'd be ready to join her siblings at the buffet. Willow demonstrated a nice combination of playfulness and social skills. After running around with her Slugger sibs, she'd crawl onto our laps or climb onto the futon backrest and restyle our hair.

Willow went home with her big brother Albert. Her new mom decided to keep her name.

Arrival date: 11/9/2011
Departure date: 1/7/2012